Phish Craft combines Digital Art and Visual Storytelling to create unique and compelling designs for independent creators and small business owners who are passionate about their mission, message and business.

The independent writer who needs a face for the main character of his new novel, the small business that needs it's logo to show the true essence of the company or the band that needs their album cover to set the mood before the music even begins to play, Phish Craft seeks to be a haven for those who have a story to tell.

"I like to start the design rough – really messy, and slowly bring the idea into focus."

Hi There! I'm Jeff, My friends call me Master Phish. Thanks for taking the time to visit Phish Craft.

I'll be the first to admit that my journey toward finding my Creative Fuel has been a slow one. I spent six and a half years in the United States Navy, Traveled all around the world and went to two colleges before I got my degree in Web Design and Interactive media. I've worked in supermarkets and restaurants. I've been a telemarketer and I've stacked sodas on pallets at a factory. For a short while I was even homeless.

But that process shaped me. It gave me a unique perspective that few people ever get. I have stories to tell. I learned to find the seeds of creativity in places where most people dare not tread. I learned to use the web as the creative canvas that it was always meant to be.

Now I want to share my passion and my experience with all of you. I want to take on projects that succeed in improving the craft of my clients. I want to help creative people like me turn life obstacles into creative fuel and then express it with their own unique personality.

Hail to the speaker, Hail to the knower, Joy to him who has understood, Delight to those who have listened.

—The Havamal

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